Meet the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is with great enthusiasm that I begin the 2016-17 school year as Principal of PACE Academy.  I have loved and served this dynamic school for 9 of my 17 year educational career.  I began at PACE Academy when we were Edison Oakland Public School Academy in Ferndale Michigan and have been privileged to see our school evolve into the welcoming family atmosphere that we have today.  I am a graduate of Michigan State University who was born and raised in Flint, MI.  While attending Michigan State University, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Relations & Education, a Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction, and School Administrator certification.

As a parent of a student educated from grades 1-8 at PACE Academy, I understand the importance of providing a solid, well-rounded academic program for each of our students.  Grades Kindergarten through eight are our children’s foundational academic years.  Knowing this, it is imperative that we ensure the resources and academic programs we provide for students support the rigor and depth needed to take them from here to the best high schools in our region.  Over the past few years, we have made shifts in our Reading/ELA curriculum and instruction that have helped to enhance student academic growth.  With the start of this school year, we are making a shift in our mathematics instruction as well.

PACE Academy’s instructional team will utilize Eureka Math’s “Engage” curriculum for our mathematics instruction for grades K-8.  It is our hope that in moving to this curriculum, we will provide greater mathematical consistency across grade levels, increase our student’s interest and competency in the subject, and prepare students for the rigor of high school and collegiate level mathematics.  As the school year progresses, we will provide you with more information concerning this curriculum.  In the meantime, please take a look at the “Engage NY Article” attachment which provides some insight on the curriculum and how it is being used to transform mathematics classrooms across the United States.

Educating our future leaders is something about which I am extremely passionate.   As Principal of PACE Academy I am committed to creating and sustaining an educational environment that is positive, vibrant, student centered, and high achieving.  Reaching these four goals will involve all of the staff members at PACE Academy joining hands and hearts with all of you, our parents and community members, to work with one accord for student success.  I look forward to working with each of you as we continue to move PACE Academy toward “Legendary Greatness”.

Educationally yours,

Jamila Whitkaer