Power Parenting University

Power Parenting University

Power Parenting University uses the researched based Power of 7 certification system to help parents/families embrace 7 proven parental “Power Moves.”  These 7 proven “Power Moves” have been found in all high-performing schools across all demographics! These 7 proven “Power Moves” don’t require parents to hold any special high degree or high level of training.  However, they do require parents/families to have the “will” to get active and engaged.

Upon completion parents will have added a “Skill” power to their “Will” power. A skill that will benefit their child and empower them to be great performance-based partners. The Power of 7 sessions are suited for all parents, stepparents, grandparents, or others that directly or indirectly influence the educational decisions of children.

The Power of 7 sessions cover:

  • The Power of High Expectation
  • The Power of Attendance
  • The Power of Home-School Communication
  • The Power of Academic Monitoring
  • The Power of Family Learning
  • The Power of Volunteering
  • The Power of Leadership

The children’s workshop was presented by Mr. Michael Kennedy and Ms. Mychea Parrish.  They worked with the kids on “7 Power Moves of a Successful Student”.