Social Studies

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History-Social Science includes history, geography, civics and economics. Students in the elementary and middle school encounter a wide variety of interesting people, places, cultures and ideas through the Social Studies and History Alive Program.

The program consists of theory-and research-based active instruction, standards-based content, carefully structured reading materials, designed for students at different reading levels and multiple intelligence teaching strategies.

Kindergarten and First Grade content focus are My World, My School and My Family. The students explore getting along with others, following rules in a community, being good helpers, working in groups, family needs/wants, being good neighbors and families long ago.

Second and Third Grade content focus are Our Community and Beyond. The students examine their community and its place in the world, geography, how people use the environment, goods made and bought, global trade, being good citizens, citizens with voices and how to help the global community prosper. Third Grade students also learn Michigan History as a state mandate.

Fourth and Fifth Grade content focus are Regions of Our Country and America’s Past. The students investigate the social science, regions of the United States, population density and case studies about agriculture and water usage. The fourth grade students also conduct hands-on research projects about their states history, economy, and government. The fifth grade begins History Alive with America’s Past. They take an in-depth look at Native Americans land and their culture, why Europeans left for the new world, 13 Colonies, slavery, The Declaration of Independence, The Revolutionary War and everything from the Constitution to Industrialization of the Modern America.


Sixth and Seventh Grade content focus are History Alive, the Ancient and Medieval World and Beyond. The students take a look at Early Humans and the rise of civilization, which includes, Ancient Egypt and the near East, Ancient India, China, Greece and Rome. The seventh graders continue with the studies of Europe during Medieval times, the rise of Islam, Culture and Kingdoms of West Africa, Imperial China, Japan, The Americas, European Renaissance/Reform and Europe entering the Modern Age.

Eight Grade History Alive content focuses is the United States through Industrialism.

Students K-8th grade also get a chance to use globes, maps, and atlases through our new geography program, Nystrom.