PACE Academy provides its students with an extensive hands-on science kit base curriculum. Students from kindergarten to fifth grade get a chance to use Foss and Delta science kits and books while the middle school students use Prentice Hall science kits and books.

The Delta-Foss Science kits provide students with inquiry-based lessons that allow students for hands on learning for each unit that is being taught. These units enablestudents to be engaged and involved in their learning, in turn they have a greater understanding and students remember what they have learned. Students in kindergarten and first grade will learn about the phases of the moon, how fish live and survive in an aquarium, sunshine and shadows,how plants grow, and the different properties of water. Second graders will learn about what objects sink or float, how to use tools to measure,

animal populations, and soil science. Third graders will have a chance to learn about butterflies and moths, life cycles of many types of animals, plants, and earth movements. In the fourth grade students learn about dinosaurs and fossils, weather, magnets, and electricity.

Fifth grade students have a chance to learn about force and motion, flight and rocketry, human systems, oceans, and rocks and minerals.

Middle School students use the Pearson-Prentice Hall science kits and books. Students are also exposed to an on-line book, Discovery Movies, and an interactive textbook that covers such topics as the Earth’s Changing Surfaces, Chemical Building Blocks, Animals, Motions, Forces and Energy, and The Nature of Science and Technology.