Green School

We are an Evergreen, highest level, Green School!

Michigan Green Schools

In May of 2006 Jennifer Grandholm signed and passed the Michigan Green Schools Public Act 146.  The basis of this act is to protect and promote the states environmental resources.  There are twenty environmentally friendly and energy savings activities for schools to complete through out the year.  In order to be a green school you must complete at least ten of these activities, in doing so you will a certified Michigan Green School.
PACE Academy was selected for the Evergreen Green School Status which is the highest level of Green School Commitment.

PACE_body_1_GreenThe school planted native Michigan plants and designated the front area of the school as a bird habitat.  We  recycle paper, batteries, and ink cartridges.  We have one click buttons on our website to help save the rain forest and other ecosystems. We have celebrated Earth day and we have an energy plan in place.

In the 2011 and 2012 School Year with the help of Speedy Tech in Detroit, we recycled over 400 old computers and technology equipment. Speedy Tech not only recycled the equipment for us, they came and hauled it away. Speedy Tech offers many valuable technology services. Please consider them when you have the need.